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Water Damage Restoration in Boca Raton

RK Restoration Services is your leading water damage service in Boca Raton. There are many dangers to having water damage, as well as destruction of your property that may not be able to be repaired. Many items can be restored or properly cleaned and sanitized, some may be a total loss. In order to properly assess and salvage your water damaged items you need a professional water restoration service. The professionals are trained to know how to restore what is salvageable and what will be a total loss. They will work with you directly and with your insurance company throughout the claim and restoration process.

Water Means Possible Mold

The biggest danger with water damage is the high probability of mold. Mold begins very quickly in a water damage situation and must be properly dealt with to minimize damage and loss. If left unattended mold can cause severe damages and losses, as well as minor to severe illnesses in people and animals that are exposed to the spores. If mold is allowed to grow it will infiltrate deeper into surfaces and fibers creating more loss and/or work to restore as well as the inherent risk of illness as it continues to grow. There are many types of mold that vary in seriousness. Black mold can be extremely severe and cause very high-risk health issues. This is not something that needs professional attention in Palm Beach County.

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Fire Damage Expertise in Boca Raton

Fire damage can be an overwhelming situation, not only were you traumatized by a fire, but you have this impossible mess and damage to try to salvage. Fire can leave structural issues that only a professional can assess and/or repair. You will have the issue of damage and loss from the fire itself as well as the damage from smoke and toxins caused from the fumes. There also normally would be water damage from the extinguishment of the fire, that brings up the whole other issue of water damage and mold growth if not professionally attended to in Boca Raton very quickly.

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