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Walls and Ceiling Drying in Fort Lauderdale

The most common cause of water damage to ceilings and floors in a commercial properties or residential homes are roof leaks. Of course, in multilevel structures, burst or leaking pipes can also play a factor. Another big water problem can be caused by a frozen HVAC air handler. When frozen, the AC stops working, so the owner shuts it down. This results in the thawing process, and the water must go somewhere. That would be on the floor, and water will make its way beneath it, and to the ceiling on the level below. Once you see there’s a problem, you will need to do what you can to mitigate your damages. It should go without saying that if it’s a plumbing leak, the water needs to be turned off. The water should be mopped up and dried with paper towels, towels, anything that will absorb the water. You’ll need to call a water mitigation company to help. Even your insurance company expects that you do your best prevent further damage. RK Restoration Services has a water damage mitigation team that is available throughout the day and night.

Fort Lauderdale Drywall Water Damage Mitigation

Everyone has seen the videos on TV where homes and building s that have been flooded had the drywall cut out and removed from the bottom half of the walls. That’s a reality if you don’t try to mitigate the damages. A professional water remediation team very well might be able to save your walls and ceilings, if they are contacted as soon as you see there has been water damage. Time is of the essence. If you want to reduce the amount of damage and the cost of repairs, you should call RK Restoration Services right away.

Specialized Technique for Drying Ceilings and Walls in Oakland Park

While many water damage companies show up with shop vacs and dehumidifiers, that just isn’t enough to do a professional water damage mitigation job. By that standard, the property owner might as well attempt to do it themselves and fail as the company would. Utilizing the right equipment and techniques for drying ceilings and walls will make a big difference in the long run. Doing things right the first time is always the most cost-effective thing to do. RK Restoration Services uses the state of the art, Inject Dry System for flood damage remediation services.

Broward County Wall and Ceiling Drying

Call RK Restoration Services at 888-269-6915 to learn more about wall and ceiling drying in Fort Lauderdale. They also offer mold remediation services, emergency roof tarps, and mold inspections in Boca Raton, Miami, and West Palm Beach.

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