Few things are more difficult to witness than flames engulfing your home or business. And once the fire trucks have gone, there’s still more devastation to face: your burned-out structure and belongings, possibly charred beyond repair.

Fortunately, with the assistance of a professional and reputable Fire Damage Recovery Broward County team such as RK Restoration Services, your normalcy can be restored once cleanup is completed. Cleaning and restoration can be extensive.

Professional Fire Damage Cleanup Process

Restoration services in Broward County should be entrusted with restoring your property after a fire. Remember that they have the experience and knowledge to determine when it is safe to enter and how to proceed in your specific restoration situation. Let’s take a look at how the pros deal with fire damage.

Is it safe to go in?

The crew will inspect the outside of your property for signs of structural damage. They will begin the internal property assessment once it is safe.

Assessing Damage

Smoke and soot: The team will determine how much fire smoke damage cleanup is required. Soot staining occurs when soot in the air adheres to surfaces such as metals, plastics, grout, carpeting, and wood and discolors them.

Mold and mildew: As a result of the fire extinguishing process, your property may have mold and mildew issues.

Rust and corrosion: If your electronics have come into contact with water, you should have them inspected. They can rust and corrode, but there is also a risk of electrical shock.

Air quality: If there are any lingering odors, the team can clean the air with air scrubbers or air movers.

Remove Soot And Debris

The crew will remove debris and soot now that the property has been assessed for potential problem areas and areas in need of restoration. Because soot can cause significant damage to your items, they must be removed and set aside for restoration.

Removal Of Big Items

All items that are beyond repair must be removed and discarded. Repairable items should also be removed and repaired as soon as possible.

Drying Excess Water

The team will then begin drying the property. Standing water will be extracted, and air movers and dehumidifiers will be used to dry the property as part of the fire and water damage cleanup services.

Thorough cleaning

Deep cleaning and deodorization can begin once everything has dried. Professional cleaning supplies and equipment will be employed.


At this point, the crew can begin any necessary restoration, repair, or rebuilding.

Fire Damage Restoration Consultation

Fire and water damage cleanup services include more than just cleaning and repairing areas affected by the fire. You must consider how fire and smoke affect the foundation of the property and its contents, as well as whether or not there is water damage to repair. Contact us today at 888-269-6915 or drop a line at [email protected] to learn more! You can also fill out our contact us form.


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