We’ve talked about the inconvenience and dangers that come with flood damage in the home before. Are you aware, however, that the initial flood damage should not be your primary concern? Standing floodwaters can spread infectious diseases, contain dangerous chemicals, injure people, and more. Fortunately, you have a good chance of avoiding many of these tumultuous situations by taking steps to improve your own protection and enlisting the help of our Flood damage in Fort Lauderdale experts.


Here are some of the hidden dangers of flooding and what our flooded basement cleanup services can help with.

Understanding The Different Types Of Water

The following are the various types of water that are prone to flooding:

Clean Water

Clean water, also known as drinking or potable water, is usually contaminant-free and poses no immediate threat to our health. Clean water, on the other hand, can quickly turn grey if left to stand, especially when it comes into contact with building surfaces. This can happen within 24-48 hours. Water that is clean can usually be cleaned by extracting it and drying the property while also dehumidifying it. Always call the professionals for sewage damage cleanup in Fort Lauderdale.


Greywater could contain contaminants that are harmful to one’s health. It’s also likely to contain some human debris, such as dead skin cells and hair, as well as traces of fat, oil, and grease from cooking. Sink drains, baths, showers, and discharge pipes connected to washing machines and dishwashers are the most likely culprits.


Yes. Your harem assumptions turned out to be correct. Blackwater is extremely unsanitary. Anyone who comes into contact with it faces a serious health risk. It is not only possible to become seriously ill, but it is also possible to die in some cases. Blackwater is thought to contain a variety of harmful contaminants, including diseases. Frequently contaminated by human and animal waste, you should never make contact with it or attempt to clean it up on your own.

Mold After A Flood

Any flood will almost certainly result in the growth of mold. To prevent it from spreading, the area must be completely dried out within the first 24-48 hours, which can seem near impossible even at the best of times. Mold does not require as much moisture to continue colonizing once it has had a chance to fester. As a result, any moisture left in drywall, furniture, upholstery, or carpets will allow mold to thrive.

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