Who do you call if you have a water damage emergency? Plumbing companies or restoration companies? You’re bound to need an answer to this question at some point in your life since water damage is so common.

Approximately one in five homes file an insurance claim every year for water damage restoration services in West Palm Beach. Therefore, you are certainly not alone if you are experiencing water damage.

Water damage restoration companies or people to call will depend on the type of water damage you have. Some water damage will require you to call out a plumber to assess and repair the damage, while others will require a water damage restoration company.

Whether it’s a leaking pipe or flooding, water damage comes in many forms. Read this post from RK Restoration Services to learn who to call in the event of water damage.

Who to call in an emergency?

No, it’s not the ghostbusters. Call a plumber if you need minor repairs. You should contact a reputable restoration company for water damage restoration services in West Palm Beach when the problem is more serious.

What do plumbers do?

Plumbers stop and fix leaks. That’s what they do. Water damage doesn’t always need to be fixed by plumbers. Broken kitchen faucets, leaking pipes, clogged toilets, and leaking gas lines are all issues they take care of. When you have mold, basements flooding or frozen pipes, these are much trickier problems to fix, and the damage lies further than the eye can see.

What water damage restoration professionals do?

A company that provides water restoration services can remove excess water from a building, remove damaged items, and restore the structure and contents.

To prevent further damage and mold growth, these experts use professional drying equipment such as dehumidifiers and air mover to remove moisture from walls and floors. In addition to fire and smoke damage, fire damage restoration professionals will also be familiar with storm and flood damage, mold remediation, and construction and repairs.

Because disasters don’t follow a schedule, these water damage restoration services in West Palm Beach are often available around the clock, 7 days a week. Water damage restoration companies will restore and repair your property if your property has been damaged by leaks or flooding. A plumber will find the leak or flooding and fix it, while a plumber will find the source of the leak or flooding.

How does RK Restoration Services Company handle water damage?

It’s important to deal with water damage right away. Whether you have water damage from an overflowing toilet or floodwaters, we can help. Among our services are:

Find and stop the leak

First, we figure out where the leak is coming from. Taking care of the leak first is crucial. After we’ve stopped the flooding, we can start restoring.

Water extraction

You’ve got to get the water out as fast as you can after a flood or water damage. This way, damage can be prevented. In order to keep secondary damage and mold growth at bay, our crews will remove standing water.

Water cleaning and disinfecting

There’s a good chance that contaminants will get into your house if there’s a flood or burst sewage pipes. That’s when sanitizing and disinfecting become big priorities. The area can be cleaned and disinfected once the water’s gone.

How can we help water damage restoration services in West Palm Beach?

The best way to get rid of water is to hire a water damage restoration company. Water damage restoration is what we do at RK Restoration Services.

With our water damage restoration services in West Palm Beach, we’ve reestablished businesses and rebuilt communities after hurricanes, tornadoes, and even commercial water damage from burst pipes or extreme weather.

RK Restoration Services has strategically placed locations across the country, so we can mobilize our crews and equipment quickly.

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