Once a flood hits your region and your house is filled with water and debris, you stay in a state of shock. The first thing you should do is shut down the source of electricity. Now what? You should take immediate steps to recover your house because water damaged assets can start to develop harmful problems like mold which is bad for your health. Here are some quick tips to keep in mind after a water disaster.

Assess the type of water

There are three types of water. The first type of water is called clean water. It comes from rain, condensation, leakage in pipes, etc. It is not so harmful and you can clean it yourself. You can also hire professional help if you want to. The second type is called grey water and is slightly dirtier than the former. It comes from dishwashers, washing machines, clean bathrooms, etc. It may contain some germs. You can remove this water yourself but be sure to protect yourself first. The last type is called black water which comes from sewage or overflowing of river water. It contains serious bacteria, waste, and other germs. This can cause serious health issues. You should hire water damage repair services West Palm Beach to clean your area. 

Inspect for mold

Inspect for mold and mildew. Mold can start to grow within 24 hours. You may also notice mold that has developed long back. Mold can be dangerous for health. It is also damaging for assets. For a small amount of mold growth, cut the portion out, pack it up, and throw it away. For serious mold growth, call the experts and move out from that area. Mold can be found in hidden areas. So, this is an ongoing process.

Dry the wet areas

It is necessary to dry out the wet areas immediately. For small leakage in your house, this may not be an important process but you should do it anyway. You can use a circular fan for a small area. For a larger area, hire flood damage in fort Lauderdale experts. They use dehumidifiers to dry your wood, carpet, walls, etc.

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