Hurricanes make covering your roof a necessity. Getting dry is the first step. You ought to do this even before filing your insurance claim, because doing so means preventing further damage.

Not only can water entering your home cause extensive damage, but it can also cause mold growth.  Moisture and darkness are ideal environments for mold growth.  A hurricane can make attic insulation wet and a mold paradise.

Repairing your roof may take several weeks or months. For roof damage emergencies, RK Restoration Services can help. The team of restoration professionals responds quickly, covering the roof with a waterproof tarp.  Keeping water out is made possible with this protective covering.

Your insurance policy covers the cost of the tarp service. It states that, in addition to covering the cost of emergency repairs, the homeowner must also complete them in order to fulfil his or her ‘duty of the insured’ under the policy.

In addition to installing emergency roof tarps in West Palm Beach, RK Restoration Services will take photos of the damage prior to the installation so you will be prepared for your insurance adjuster visit.

In case a disaster strikes and you live in a region that we don’t currently serve, emergency roof tarps are also available on our website. Tarp installation can be dangerous, especially after a storm in which the shingles are loose and may slip.  We require our emergency crews to wear safety harnesses during each installation as OSHA requires.

When it comes to recovering from a storm, tarping your damaged roof is the first step.


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