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Mold Removal Services in Fort Lauderdale

If there is one simple word in the English language that every, single person living in South Florida fears, it would have to be mold. Indeed, Floridians do consider mold one of the four letter words that should never be spoken in public, or in private either. It seems the mention of the word has everyone inspecting under the kitchen sink, in the bathroom vanities, every inch of the showers and tub areas, and even the walls near the washer and hot water heaters. It’s like the mention of the word will cause a home or business to immediately grow mold. Unfortunately, the word cannot be avoided in Broward County. The truth is that many homes have mold and mildew, but once it is noticed the owners immediately break out the bleach and start scrubbing it away. The truth is that it didn’t go away. It was just temporarily made invisible. Mold simply isn’t on the visible side of tiles. It makes its way through the grout, into the shower pan, and even onto the cement board backing. Mold and mildew needs to be taken care of by professionals as soon as it is noticed. RK Restoration Services offers free estimates, and they are insurance approved mold remediation specialists.

Commercial Mold Reparation Services in Fort Lauderdale

Many commercial properties are more susceptible to mold problems. Establishments like restaurants, grocery stores, hair and nail salons, and pet grooming shops have a higher chance of seeing mold growth than places like bicycle shops, auto parts stores, and jewelry stores. The greater the water usage, the likeliness of mold growth increases. Of course, this doesn’t include problems resulting from burst pipes or storm damage. Cleaning is a good thing however; it will never resolve a mold problem. Professionals are the only ones that can eliminate it. RK Restoration Services provide complete mold resolution services, and they work with other necessary venders to get the job done efficiently.

Professional Mold Resolution Services in Fort Lauderdale

A lot of people throughout Florida suffered damages from wrath of Hurricane Irma. It was a very dangerous storm that caused many to lose power for nearly 2 weeks, and took roofs, broke windows, and even bent metal doors allowing water to get in homes and commercial properties. Irma left a mess that will take a significant amount of time to repair. After such a storm, as soon as the insurance company is notified, a mold damage remediation company needs to be contacted. RK Restoration Services works closely with other venders within the industry to ensure the property is put back to its normal state.

Insurance Approved Mold Remediation Services in Fort Lauderdale

RK Restoration Services provides commercial and residential property owners in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and West Palm Beach with complete mildew and mold removal services, flood damage cleanup and water extraction services. With a 30 minutes response time and 24/7 emergency services, you will be in good hands. Call 888-269-6915 to meet with the mold restoration specialists.

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