If you unexpectedly experience water damage as a result of a leak or flood or another natural disaster, it is important to take action promptly and contact a commercial disinfectant cleaning company to clean up and fix the condition of your house. This article speaks about the various categories of water damage.

Various types of water damages

There are 3 types of water damages. They are:

Damages caused by Clean Water – due to malfunction of Water supplying appliances

Clean water damages are caused due to overflow of water from broken water supply lines or pipes of sinks, bathtubs and various other appliances. Clean water means the water is generally toxin-free and sewage-free and can be dried easily not causing much damage to your property.

Issues due to gray Water – due to discharge of contaminated materials from machines or toilets

Greywater damages are due to water excreted from appliances like washing machines, toilets,s, and sump pump malfunction. Even though coming into direct contact with greywater may or may not affect the health of humans, it is essential to urgently remove it to prevent any futuristic damages, and also disinfect your house completely if it has been stuck or affected by greywater damage, as even not initially but eventually, the wastes and chemicals contained in the greywater may cause harm.

Complications because of Black Water – due to rising water from sources beyond human-controlled

The last stage or the most dangerous stage of water damage is the black water damage. It requires instant and prompt actions to be taken to eliminate any severe health risk. Blackwaters are said to be extremely harmful because they contain sewage, floodwaters, groundwaters, sea waters as well as river waters. In case of black water damage, many furnishings and other appliances might need to be removed and a proper disinfecting process needs to be executed. For such disinfecting services, a trusted and reliable company providing water damage restoration services in West Palm Beach must be contacted.


We hope that this has helped you know and understand your source of water damage and actions that are needed to be taken accordingly. In severe cases, however, it is highly suggested that first, without delay, contact restoration services in Broward County and get prompt services from us with free guidance.

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