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Weather Water Damage Restoration in Miami-Dade County

Weather doesn’t have to keep you down! We at RK Restoration Services have compiled a few things you should know about the weather and water damage.

Hail Storms

There is typically no damage caused by hail storms. The hail, however, can cause severe damage when it reaches a certain size. A hailstorm is classified as severe when its diameter is one inch or larger, according to RK Restoration Services. Your home’s windows may be damaged by hail of this size. If you live in an area where cracks can occur in windows, you may want to consider shuttered windows or shatter-resistant windows.

Winter Storms

Water damage during winter storms can be a major problem. Old, worn roofs can be severely damaged by the weight of snow from a storm.


As a threat to water damage, hurricanes are pretty obvious. When hurricanes bring water with them, they can cause major damage to your home in a short period of time. Make sure you stay informed about hurricanes so you’re prepared.

Hot Temperatures

During the hot summer months, water damage is a particularly significant problem. During the summer, for example, sprinkler systems are more likely to be damaged. Homes or yards can be flooded. Make sure not to damage underground pipes when you do yard work by looking for leaky air conditioning systems.

Cold Temperatures

You are now exposed to an entirely new range of water damage threats during the freezing winter months. Frozen pipes are one of the most prevalent threats. Water damage can quickly result from frozen pipes bursting. The night the temperature dips below freezing, you can ensure your water is drippy by insulating your pipes. You can prevent future water damage restoration costs by taking these precautions.

Another important factor is humidity

The threat of humidity to water damage is often overlooked. Mold growth is the main cause of water damage caused by humidity. Moisture attracts mold, so if your home is constantly humid, you are more likely to detect mold growth. Dehumidifiers can keep mold at bay in humid areas.

There are many things to consider when faced with water damage, as you can see. Take every measure you can to prevent water damage, including taking into account temperature differences. Even if your home floods in Miami-Dade County, RK Restoration Services has water damage restoration technicians who can help. Contact our experts for water damage restoration restoration services in Miami-Dade County as soon as possible so that we can help you restore the condition of your home.


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