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Flood Restoration Services in West Palm Beach

Any time there is excessive rain from hurricanes, tropical storms, or even just rainy season torrential downpours, commercial property owners and their tenants immediately start watching the parking area of the building. Oftentimes, this constant monitoring can appear to be like a vigil, wishing the waters would flow in the opposite direction. Unfortunately, we cannot simply wish the flood water away, no matter how much we want to do so. Once flooding breached the sidewalk, it’s best to try to get as much as you can off the ground. Cinderblocks can be used to elevate displays, furnishings, and even the stock that is still in boxes. At this point, a breach through the doors is almost inevitable. If possible, shut off the power and leave, while it’s still safe to go. Of course, you will need to contact professionals to help you with the water remediation when it is safe to get back to the building. RK Restoration Services offers emergency service, 24/7 every day of the year.

Water Damage Restoration for Commercial Properties

There is no worse of a feeling for a commercial property owner than to get a call from one of their tenants that the building is flooded by an obvious burst pipe. The owner immediately envisions his money flying out of his bank account to pay the insurance deductible for repairs and damages. Fortunately, the property owner can quickly contract with professionals that are insurance approved water remediation experts, and can work closely with all other trades to get your building back to it’s pre-flood condition. This will alleviate a lot of the stress involved in restoring the property. RK Restoration Services provides complete water remediation services, and will coordinate with packing services, dry cleaning restoration services, and all other trades to ensure the work is performed quickly and efficiently.

Palm Beach County Flood Damage Repair

One of the few things that people rarely even think about is the hot water heater tucked away in the utility closet within the home. Unless there is no hot water, it’s simply something that is ignored. Few homeowners realize that the heater needs to be emptied, and flushed every year. This helps extend the life of the unit. Unless this is done, rust builds up inside and can create leaks. Once a unit leaks, it must be replaced, and the water damage must be addressed quickly. RK Restoration Services provides water damage cleanup throughout South Florida.

Flood Damage Recovery Services

RK Restoration Services provides complete water remediation services, including flood damage restoration and mold inspection and remediation in West Palm Beach, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale. The experts at RK Restoration Services will coordinate with other professionals from packing service providers to dry cleaning restoration service providers to ensure your property is back to normal as quickly as possible. Of course, they are an insurance approved water restoration company. Call 888-269-6915 for free estimates and 24/7 emergency services.

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