Your property, family, and employees are important to you. While you can’t stop a natural disaster like floods and fires, you can take a few precautions around the house or office to avoid costly property damage.

Fire or water damage can be caused by many things or bad habits. In this post, we’ll look at some of the uncommon causes of fire and water damage since we know the obvious ones.

5 uncommon causes of fire damage

There’s no doubt the kitchen is where the most fires occur in the home, usually from cooking. How about those less common causes? Here are a few.

1: Glass items

The science experiment you did as a child is familiar to you. It’s true that if you point a magnifying glass at a flammable object, it can set a fire. You can also start a fire by letting light pass through an empty jar or crystal object.

With enough time, a fire can be started by light refracting off these items towards, for example, paper or curtains. Are you careful with your glassware? Taking stock is essential.

02: Dishwashers

In addition to being a useful kitchen accessory, dishwashers can also be a fire hazard. Electrical appliances are not the only ones to pose a fire hazard. Fires can start when water drips onto the dishwasher’s internal wires.

To make sure your electrical stuff stays in tip-top shape, include them in your regular maintenance schedule. Don’t let fires start around your house by accident.

03: Computers

They aren’t our trustworthy colleagues! Laptops can generate quite a bit of heat when they operate for several hours, and many PCs and even gaming equipment can overheat.

Due to the extreme heat they create, these devices can start a fire if it comes into contact with a flammable item, regardless of whether dust, a malfunction, or even an electrical short is present.

Uncommon causes of water damage

Significant weather conditions, burst pipes, sewage backups, and malfunctioning HVAC systems are the most common causes of water damage. The causes of water damage here are more unexpected, so let’s take a look at them.


Are your gutters regularly checked for blockages or damage? It’s likely you don’t. Most people can’t even see or notice their gutters.

Gutter maintenance should also be part of a regular maintenance schedule. In addition to leaking inside and outside your home or building, clogged gutters can lead to pooling water. Mold growth can result from this.


A fire must be contained with water. However, water can damage a lot of stuff. The combination of soot and water is really bad for your furniture and stuff. Water damage can be a lot worse than we think, and if you’re unlucky, it can even lead to mold growth.

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