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Fire Damage Recovery in Fort Lauderdale

When a fire occurs inside of a commercial property, it can prove to be completely disastrous to the business owner however; they are loads and loads more people that are seriously affected by the loss as well. The property owner will need to spend endless hours dealing with insurance adjusters and general contractors to assess the damage, and make a plan to bring the structure back to life. The business owner/tenant must deal with his insurance company to try to recoup the loss of property and inventory within the building, as well as the loss of income. Many people fail to realize that the employees of the business will no longer have jobs, and be out of paychecks until the property is back up and running. Even those who patronize the establishment will feel a sense of loss, and have to find goods or services elsewhere. This snowball effect is the reason that it would be prudent to call in expert fire restoration professionals as soon as possible. At least it will keep the snowball from growing bigger. RK Restoration Services offers 24/7 fire remediation, and is certified to work with all insurance companies.

Recovery Specialists for Fire Damage in Fort Lauderdale

There are so many things that a commercial property owner needs to deal with after a fire has occurred in his or her structures. Of course, nothing can be done until the fire marshall completes the report and the danger of potential flare up is gone, but putting the people in play that can help should be done immediately. This way they will be ready to go as soon as they are given the okay. Movers will be necessary, as well as other trades to get the job done efficiently. Trying to coordinate all of the trades can be a real pain in the neck. RK Restoration Services works closely with all trades necessary to get your property back up and running.

Restoration of Fire Damaged Homes in Fort Lauderdale

A housefire is absolutely devastating for the family that lost their home. So many mementos and treasures can be lost or damaged, as well as all of the non-sentimental property. It’s impossible for the average person to be able to restore personal belongings and make them useful again however; professionals can evaluate the property, and potentially restore it. The restoration experts at RK Restoration Services provide exceptional services and will bill the insurance company directly.

Commercial and Residential Fire Remediation in Fort Lauderdale

RK Restoration Services offers a plethora of services, including remediation and restoration of fire damaged properties, flood damage cleanup, and mold inspection services in Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. With a 30 minutes response time, and 24/7 emergency service, your property will be in good hands. Call 888-269-6915 to speak to a fire remediation specialist.

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