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Emergency Tarp Services in Fort Lauderdale

As homeowners or commercial property owners in South Florida, we all believe that our houses or business properties are places that will keep us and others safe and sound from the weather. This is a true fact for all people wherever they live within the United States. We all believe that they are strong enough, and build well enough to weather any storm that comes at us. Unfortunately, nothing is further from the truth. After the past big hurricanes like Andrew and Charlie, we thought the codes were revamped to ensure that nothing could happen to our properties. That did not work out well for many Floridians. Roofs from Key West to Naples, and Miami to Jacksonville were randomly damaged, or removed at our most recent hurricane Irma’s discretion. Much to our chagrin, even brand-new roofs were destroyed by this monster of a storm. There was a government program that offered free roof tarping however; the homeowner had to wait in line and fill out the paperwork, and hope the government would get to us quickly. For most, that didn’t happen, and more water just poured into homes and businesses. RK Restoration Services offers an emergency team to tarp roofs and other parts of the property to prevent further damage.

Fort Lauderdale Roof Tarping for Emergency Situations

Even when the sky is blue, and there’s not a cloud in the sky, bad things can happen to your roof. Recently, there was a news story about a tree falling on a home while all of the residents were fast asleep. The tree had been damaged by a past storm, and was left to die. Unfortunately, it simply fell over onto the neighbor’s home in the middle of the night. While we certainly never want this to happen to anyone, it’s good to know that the emergency crew at RK Restoration Services will be available to tarp you roof.

Tarp Installation for Roof Damage in Fort Lauderdale

Regardless of the cause of the damage to the roof, it is critical that it is covered with a heavy tarp as soon as possible. Without having it tarped, rain, insects, and other things can get in and the amount of damages can have a snowball effect. It’s important to mitigate the damages sustained, or the insurance company can deny any additional damage due to “neglect of duty under the policy”. RK Restoration Services has immediate roof tarping professionals to help.

Fort Lauderdale Protective Tarps to Prevent Leaks

RK Restoration Services provides a host of services, including thermal image leak detection, and mold inspections. Their crew are experts in the industry, and take pride in their work. Call 888-269-6915 to learn about emergency tarp services in Fort Lauderdale.

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