We all know what we are going through. There is nothing more important than cleanliness and hygiene now. This coronavirus pandemic has taken away our sleep at night. All the schools, offices and public places have closed down due to the spread of the disease. It has been continuing for almost two years now. Maintaining distance and using masks have not helped much. Recently, schools, offices, and restaurants have opened. For how long are we going to sit at our homes? It is important for us to maintain hygiene and use sanitizers.

Difference between Cleaning and Disinfecting

Let’s take an example. A glass may look like a diamond but is it really a diamond? Similarly, a surface may look neat and clean but it does not necessarily mean that it is free of germs. We clean to remove germs and dust. By disinfecting, we can make sure that the germs are actually killed. Disinfecting is more effective than cleaning at all levels.

While disinfecting your house is an easy task as it occupies a small area, only a commercial disinfectant cleaning company can thoroughly disinfectant your commercial property using chemical solutions. To ensure the safety of your employees, instructions should be followed to appropriately clean the property. You do not want your employees to fall sick as this will only lead your company to incur losses.

But How Often Should You Clean?

If there is no covid positive person on your campus, you may disinfect your area once a day. The scenario will obviously change if there is a covid positive employee in your office. You really want to restore your working environment to what it was before the pandemic. Restoration services in Broward County is one such reliable company that will help you to achieve your dreams. But you need to clean the area frequently if there is huge traffic; that is, a lot of people come to your property, does not have a good ventilation system, does not have proper hand sanitizing system, or if there is somebody who shows covid positive symptoms.

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