Prevention is always preferable to cure when it comes to fire. Make sure you know what to do if a fire breaks out in your house and how to prevent it from happening again.

Fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, and fire blankets are all available to protect your home from fire. You could also build a solid escape plan and wear fire-resistant escape hoods.

Aside from these, experts from Restoration services in Broward County have compiled a list of five ways to keep the fire from destroying your home and putting you and your family in danger.

  1. Don’t Leave Flames Unattended

Have you ever forgotten to turn off the stove or oven while cooking? Or do you put the hot iron on the table and move on to something else?

You may have the best intentions of only being gone for a few minutes, but you are putting your home’s security at risk. For fire damage recovery in Broward County, contact the professionals.

  1. When not in use, unplug electronic devices.

Many people walk around the house with their electronic devices plugged in, such as phone chargers, computers, or other charging devices. The issue is that few people unplug their equipment when not in use.

  1. Invest in surge protectors.

Surge protectors are extremely effective at preventing electrical fires. They are intended to protect electronic equipment from power surges by absorbing excess energy.

  1. Avoid Smoking in the House

If you must smoke, do so outside and keep a fire extinguisher nearby. Because many people smoke inside, they frequently leave a lit cigarette unattended, which is a leading cause of house fires.

5.Keep flammables away from heat sources.

Leaving any flammable or combustible material near heat is another major cause of the fire. If you have any rags or other items near heat sources, such as paper towels, tissues, or clothing, they can catch fire and spread to other items and the rest of your home.


We’ve compiled a list of five ways to keep your home safe from fire. These suggestions will help you and your family avoid fire hazards and potential fires.

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